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4 Easy Steps To Get Your Own Temporary Tattoos


1) Sign In

You will get things going by entering your name and email address on my Get Started page. Don't worry if you've put your name and email in my site before, you'll only be on my list once. If I contact you I will make sure to include an easy way for you to tell me you don't want to hear from me again, if that's what you want. It's easy and immediate. Don't worry, I hate spam too and have no interest in using your email address for anything other than for me to contact you.


2) Quoting

You'll have full access to my Magic Quote page. There you will be able to select your size, your quantity and whether you need help with artwork or not. At every step you'll see how much your choices will cost. No surprises. I will walk you through it step by step and include helpful tips along the way. Any questions you have should be answered along the way or on my Help page. I've made it really easy for you.



3) Order

As you finish making selections in the Quoting step you'll be able to either print out the Quote to bring back to your group or you can turn the Quote into an Order. When you confirm all of the details you'll see the exact cost including shipping and when you can expect the tattoos to arrive to your doorstep. I'll give you a choice on how you would like to pay and then with a final review and confirmation from you, this step is done.


4) Artwork

At the end of the steps I get the Artwork from you. I get it at the end because with so many people thinking about getting a temporary tattoo, I end up with a ton of artwork files from people who never place an order. When you order I will give you a chance to upload your artwork or describe what you want me to design for you at the Artwork step. Don't worry if you leave my website and can't make your way back to upload your artwork. I will contact you and give you a chance to send me your artwork. And remember, I will be creating a digital proof on your own customer page where you can click on a big "Approved" button sending your order directly to my production team. I don't finalize the charge on your credit card*** unless you click Approved on your digital proof that I will be sending you.

***please note:
I want to work hard on potential orders. If you decide to turn your quote in to an order, I will check to make sure your credit card is valid. This is called "Authorizing" your credit card. The purchase amount will be put on hold on your credit card, just like a hotel reservation.

I do not 'Capture' funds until you approve the proof that I will send you. If you don't approve the proof your credit card will not be charged. If you approve the tattoo proof the funds will be 'Captured' immediately.

***Note - For some Credit Cards (Debit Cards) that are attached to your checking account, the funds may appear to have been withdrawn immediately. I cannot control this action. The funds are not transferred to my bank account, they are on hold with my credit card processor.

I have an A+ rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and want to show you my great quality product. If you are unhappy for any reason I will honor refunds and cancellations the same business day. You will be covered under my 100% Money Back Guarantee.