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Get Started On Your Own Custom Temporary Tattoos

"...How Great Your Prices Are!"

On Saturday we had a great swim meet and our kids were so excited because if they shaved time they earned Barracuda Tattoos that we ordered through your company. We called it "Tattoos for Shaved Time" We were swimming against a club that was much bigger than ours so our chances of winning were impossible. However, we did much better than was expected and I think it was the tattoos!! We won 13 out of 32 events and most of our kids shaved time off of their seed time. One of our swimmers broke one of their pool records, and we broke 400 points against this team and we have never done that before when competing against a team this large!! Our kids were so excited to win their tattoos you would have thought they won the meet. The best part is the tattoos helped them recognize their own personal improvement regardless of who they beat or what place they finished in.

All eight teams in the league have inquired where we got our tattoos. And I have told them about your easy to use website and how great your prices are!!



Jill Dabbs -Bryant AZ

Get Started On Your Own Custom Temporary Tattoos

"They stay on for a long time, but remove when I want it to!"

Hey Jen. Yes. I am very satisfied with the tattoos. Thanks so much. Here are answers to your questions: I ordered tattoos as a means of community and promotion for our high school youth ministry. Students love to know that they are not alone, and when they're at school and they see someone else with the same tattoo it reminds them that there are people who share the same faith as them. And so often the culture around us labels us in a variety of different ways. I felt the tattoos would be a reminder for our students that they don't need to live up to the standards of anyone else, and that God loves them for who they are. Then, if anyone else sees their tattoo it gives our students the opportunity to tell them about their faith and their church. The students were so excited when I announced the tattoos via facebook, and they love wearing them. I took a picture of myself wearing the tattoo on my wrist and posted it on our student ministry fanpage. The students went nuts. I gave them away at our next service and student still have them on two weeks later. The tattoos worked great. They applied easily and stayed on for a long time, but was easy to remove when I wanted it gone. It was great having tattoos of that quality.


Robby Smernoff -Charlotte, NC

Mecklenburg Community Church Director of REALife High School Ministry

Get Started On Your Own Custom Temporary Tattoos

"I know for a fact your tattoos DO NOT irritate the skin"

Well I know for a fact they your tattoos DO NOT irritate the skin because my daughter (who has SUPER SENSITIVE SKIN) put one on her face (worried me a little at first ) did NOT have any reaction to the tattoo what so ever. We are very pleased with the tattoos and are really excited to pass them out at our upcoming event. I participate in the Susan G. Komen 3~day for the cure walk in Atlanta, Ga the 22nd, 23rd, and the 24th of October. I will walk 60 miles throughout the course of those 3 days and everyone passes out their goodies and trades the things theybrought or had made. So I'm super excited for that and I will definitely be telling all my friends about TEMPORARYTATTOOS.COM


Rachelle Cash -Albertville, AL

Get Started On Your Own Custom Temporary Tattoos

"What great customer service!"

Hi Jen - thank you for following up, what great customer service! I decided to order the tattoos for my oldest son's football teams; lightweight division for Johnsburg Skyhawks. I felt it would motivate the kids as mine love tattoos. Well all the kids on the team, siblings and parents loved them. The tattoos are easy to apply and stand up to showers. Our homecoming parade and game for the high school is this Friday so I will be there with tattoos ready for those who wish to particapte and show school spirit. Thank you again for the wonderful customer service and I will keep you in mind next time I have another idea for a tattoo or promotion. Regards,


Maria Groves -Johnsburg, IL

Get Started On Your Own Custom Temporary Tattoos

"My swimmers wore them all summer long"

Hi Jeri, my experience with doing business with you was terrific. The tattoos were a hit and my swimmers wore them all summer long. I think that I will be re-ordering in the Spring, so a reminder email would be great if you would like. I have referred another swim team to your web site, "Stockton Swim Club". Hopefully they will be ordering from you soon, as they are a year around team. Thanks again for everything. I will be in touch in the Spring (March, April)


Lori Gobbi -Stockton, CA

Get Started On Your Own Custom Temporary Tattoos

"The tattoos were made so quickly"

Hi Jen, I wanted to say THANK YOU!!!! I needed to have some cheer tattoos made-up since we could not find ours from last year. I wanted the tattoos to reflect the school name and cheer, so I found your website to order custom made tattoos using my own artwork. I received my 2 different sets of tattoos for the cheer squad and they look great. Your customer service was amazing. When I requested the custom work, you helped me to get the look I needed with a few minor changes. They are the perfect size and color. The girls LOVE them and have been using them every week for the football games!! The on-line process was so easy, and the communication between myself and customer service was constant and outstanding....and to top it all off, the tattoos were made so quickly. I am impressed and love the idea that I did not have to order thousands of them at a time. I definitely will use TemporyTattoos again for any future functions and will put the word out that this is the place to buy from. Once again....THANK YOU for the great experience.


Linda Boimilla -Lakewood, CA

Get Started On Your Own Custom Temporary Tattoos

"They lasted over a week"

Hi Jen, Thanks so much. Here is my feedback: I'm a vegan and an animal rights activist. I run a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization called Our Hen House (www.ourhenhouse.org), which is a multimedia online resource for people who want to change the world for animals. I was recently asked to table at the NYC VegFest, and though I jumped at the opportunity, I wanted something that would entice the attendees to visit my table. If you lived in NYC, you'd know that tattoos are fairly common -- particularly with vegans! So my partner suggested that we get temporary tattoos made and distribute them at the event. Though the event has not yet occurred, I've been giving away the tattoos to friends of mine! And of course, my partner and I applied them to ourselves the moment we got them and were pleasantly surprised that they lasted a full week! Your tattoos are incentive for us to help get people at the NYC VegFest to our table! It's also a fun way of being an activist, since our tattoos say "vegan" on them Everyone's like a kid in a candy store when we give them their tattoos! They love them and want to put them on immediately. I can relate. I barely even opened the box before I was wearing one. There's also really durable and fashionable. They lasted over a week when I put mine on! I've never had that experience with another temporary tattoo. It was also very user-friendly, and the fact they come all cut-up and ready to hand out is hugely beneficial since it makes my job so much easier! Thank you!


Jasmin Singer -New York, NY

Get Started On Your Own Custom Temporary Tattoos

"Anyone on the fence:Order the tattoos and you wont be sorry!"

Hello, I placed my first order for 1000 tattoo's for a large Celtic Event in NY. I was a little hesitant and wonderd if I wasted my money untill I saw the finished product. The colors were amazing and it was a dead on match to our logo. The tattoo's stuck on with ease and looked even better when on someone's skin. The first time I brought them to my group they also were very excited, and praised me for your tattoo's! I already have an idea to purchase more for another event I do, and next year will probably triple my orignal order! Your product well exceeded my expectations, and I strongly recomend anyone on the fence to order the tattoo's and you wont be sorry! thanks...


James K. Plourde -Natick, MA

Get Started On Your Own Custom Temporary Tattoos

"These look good on everyone regardless of their skin tone."

Hello, I am the Spiritwear Chair for our school Booster Club and ordered the tattoos to promote Spirit! at our sporting events. They turned out even better than I imagined. The old custom tattoos we had were ordered at least 10 years ago and were very dark navy and dark gold. The artwork I submitted was very crisp and a much lighter navy with white highlights. We have a very diverse population in our school and these look good on everyone regardless of their skin tone. I gave them to all of our concession workers to wear and soon the kids were flocking to get them. A great product that I will surely order again! Thanks,


Donna Jobey -Kansas City, MO

Get Started On Your Own Custom Temporary Tattoos

"Thanks for being such a reputible company."

I began looking for a company to produce temporary tattoos for our high school cheerleading squads. I wasn't sure where to begin so I went searching the internet when I came across your site. I compared your requirements and cost to many other companies before choosing to purchase through Temporary Tattoos. The turn around time on receiving the tattoos was so quick I got nervous that it was a scam at first. Once I received the order I was amazed. The tattoos were better than I expected. The colors are vibrant and they last even through the sweat of a football game in the Texas heat! Not only do the cheerleaders and sponsors like them, but our little fans who like to wear them Love them too! Thanks for being such a reputible company. I will gladly pass your information onto as many people I know who are looking for a tattoo company. You will definitely be hearing from us again.


Charlotte Faught -Mckinney, TX

Get Started On Your Own Custom Temporary Tattoos

"I will not use a different temporary tattoo manufacturer....."

I am basically building a Brand from scratch again and I needed to find a way to help with that. Personally, I am not a fan of real tattoos on the body; however, in the market I am targeting, this type of advertising is used a lot. So I went searching online to find the BEST tattoo and the BEST price with the FASTEST delivery. I came across your site and started learning about temporary tattoos, etc. We are sponsoring several Professional Triathletes, and duathletes that I sent the tattoos that I got from you. They also had their favorite manufacturer of them and were hesitant about me using your company.

Well, I sent them the tattoos, and nothing but RAVE REVIEWS.... they love them, they stay on, they are clean and crisp, etc. One of my team members gave me a well known brand she uses and I went and checked out their site and did a mock order WOW!!! Their prices were tripled what ours were, I could not believe it. Even my General Manager after seeing the tattoos on our team members, said great idea....

Anyways... that has been my experience, and I will not use a different temporary tattoo manufacturer.....

Thanks for the opportunity for me to share my story. It is true - not made up... I have pictures to prove it...


Angelo Governale -North Logan, UT

Get Started On Your Own Custom Temporary Tattoos

"I Am Very Grateful !"

I ordered the tattoos to help spread knowledge of our logo in a fun way. We attend many community functions which children attend and wanted something that would appeal to them as well as jog the memories of adults who saw the logo. The reaction to the tattoos was phenomenal - all the kids were excited and it was fun for those who worked the events as well. The logo is very recognizable and the tattoo lasts so long that it reinforces that image for all of those who see it. This helps to market our non-profit organization and to help the image stay in the minds of the public. I am very grateful for both the quality of the product and the quick response to our order. Thank you!


Gayla Thompson -Ft. Myers, FL

Get Started On Your Own Custom Temporary Tattoos

"The Tattoos Have Been A TREMENDOUS Hit !"

Thanks so much for your excellent communication. And thank you very much for expediting our first order to us... we received it in time for the event and we really appreciate the break you offered to us on the shipping cost!

The tattoos have been a TREMENDOUS hit for the summer at BooKoo Bounce! The quality of the tattoos is excellent... very crisp, clear graphics and they look nice and bright when applied. We are very happy with them and we look forward to ordering again from you in the future.


Gia Sausse -New Orleans, LA

Get Started On Your Own Custom Temporary Tattoos

"It Was PERFECT !"

This was my second time ordering because the first time I received my shipment of tattoos I couldn't wait to see how the tatoo looked on my arm. It was PERFECT! I absolutely loved them and my 11yr old daughter loved them so much she took some to give to her friends.
The tattoos last a long time as long as you don't try scrubbing over it. The second tatoos I got were just as awesome as the first ones. My husband saw them and put one on and that delivery came over a week ago. It is still on his arm somewhat faded now but it's been a week. They are very good quality, great color, easy to apply and they last at least a week with normal washing. Best of all, the price is so affordable it leaves no reason not to buy them. I will defintely be ordering more in the future. I have nine more tattoos of the characters in my children's book to go.
Thank you so much for being there for me and giving me the idea to do it!
Always a Temporary Tattoo fan!


Janet Davis -Cameron Park, CA

Get Started On Your Own Custom Temporary Tattoos

"We'll Be Ordering Again Next Year!"

I can't find the right words to tell you how happy I am with our temporary tattoo order!!! They are even better than I had hoped! I checked out a lot of websites, and I am convinced we found the right place. We'll be ordering again next year!

Thank you!!!


Karen Dress -Lincoln, NE

Get Started On Your Own Custom Temporary Tattoos

"The tattoos were great !"

I ordered 5,000 of your tattoos for a beach party that I throw every year. This beach party features live bands playing on an isolated, sandy beach all day. People loved the tattoos and things got pretty crazy!!! One of my friends, who is the lead singer in one of the bands, hosted a tattoo contest. It was rather interesting what happens when you get a bunch of people to the beach, serve drinks + shots for 8 hours, hand out those custom temporary tattoos, and offer 2 crisp $100 bills as prizes. The tattoos were great because they stayed on and looked great despite sun tan lotion, multiple swims in the Atlantic ocean, beach sand, and sweat from dancing on the beach. This year was a huge hit and people are still talking about the tattoos! Thanks for the professional assistance and for delivering a quality product.



Peter Muzsi -Greenwich, CT

Get Started On Your Own Custom Temporary Tattoos

"Communication Was Excellent!"

I am in charge of my department's K9 unit. I am always looking for different ways to interact with people when we do K9 demonstrations; something different that the kids or people might not have. While I was attending another K9 function I overheard one of the handlers talking about the temporary tattoos. I thought this would be a great idea; kids seem to really enjoy them and it gives them a positive interaction with us. This is not always the case in my line of work so to have a good, fun, friendly encounter with some of these kids, well, it is rather rewarding.
So I put something along the lines of "custom temporary tattoos" in my search engine and found your site. It was extremely easy to navigate and find exactly what I was looking for. From there, the communication was excellent. The first draft was excellent and once we adjusted the colors, is exactly what I wanted. Let me tell you, they have been a HUGE hit. The other handlers were asking where I got them and I just told them "welllll, I just ordered them". I have had to replenish their supplies a few times so I am quite certain that you will be receiving another order from me in the not too distant future. Thanks for everything.


Sgt. John Hill

Allentown Police

Get Started On Your Own Custom Temporary Tattoos

"Didn't Take Long At All!"

I was extremely satisfied with your company in every aspect! As soon as we received our order, which didn't take long at all, everyone in the store was wearing an Alwan's tattoo!! The owners were very excited about the design, and we got exactly what we wanted! I have even been especially surprised with the quality and with how inexpensive the tattoos were! We will definitely have some happy customers, and I would not hesitate one bit to order from you again! Thanks Temporary Tattoos!!


Kerry Kozlowski,

Alwan & Sons Meat Co.

Get Started On Your Own Custom Temporary Tattoos

"Best Service In The Business"

I have to tell you that you have the best service in the business. I sent you some pretty awful drawings and you seemed to know exactly what I wanted. I found your company to be very courteous and helpful. When you said you were going to do something it was done. I found your price to be the best available. I checked out quite a few companies before I found you. My tattoos were done on time and sent on time just like I was told they would be. I would recommend this company to everyone.




Cindy Lekness -Research Capital

Get Started On Your Own Custom Temporary Tattoos

"No Distortion or Color Variance."

Dear www-TemporaryTattoos.com Staff,

We came to you after an exhibition and football playoff where my young cheer leaders were sadden that one of the opposing teams had Long Horn tattoos and were selling them for $.75 each. As much as I wanted to please my kids, our team is not the Long Horns. When I worked with Rob and he showed me the proof of our pirate emblem, I was floored. The artwork was exactly what we submitted and the quality was excellent--no distortion or color variance. WOW!!!!! Of course we were under a tight schedule, and you guys delivered as promised. I just want to say how tickled the cheerleaders, footballers, and even moms were at the pirate tattoos. I just can't say enough good things about you. For practically pennies, you brought tons of smiles to this league of young children. 

Many thanks from all the parents! Go Pirates!!!

Some groups are thinking about using you all for fund raisers! I hope that works out for everyone. Again, thanks~~~



Tina Parnham - Pirate Cheerleader Mom - Wylie, TX

Get Started On Your Own Custom Temporary Tattoos